Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated

Hello CCRWF Members & Associates,

Blessings to each of you!

What a fantastic month this has been so far! I had the honor of hosting Shawn Steel last Thursday for the San Bernardino County Central Committee meeting. In addition, I had the privilege of of providing a legislative report alongside of Senator Melissa Melendez (retired) & Eric Stalter at the statewide AMAC meeting.
As we wrap up submitting our Achievement Awards report for consideration by the NFRW, I am honored to be surrounded by such an amazing and active membership. Collectively, we are women on the move, making strides for the greater good of restoring California.

Now is the time! Now is the time….
- To step up
- To stand united
- To be the heels on the ground Every day we hear the reports of yet another atrocious law proposed in Sacramento. Our major cities are barely functioning. Lives are continually lost on the streets, as elected officials pave the way for acceptance of addictions and “safe” drug distribution that enables the ongoing downhill spiral of human lives. Human trafficking has been ushered in through gateway laws such as SB 357. Homelessness continues to skyrocket….and as law enforcement continues to clear a park or a sidewalk, the homeless merely move along and temporarily settle elsewhere.

We are CALIFORNIA! The 5th largest economy in the WORLD!
We should be the gold standard. Instead, we are a state plummeting into debt.

We live in the absence of resolutions and live in a state where despair is manifested. The greatest humanitarian crisis is knocking on our door, but we’ve budgeted our finances for everyone except Californians.

No one is coming to save us. No matter how much we lament within our own circles. No matter how much we continuously get on our soapbox to preach to the choir, no one is coming.
Remember those bootstraps we conservatives reference often? It’s time we ourselves find them. It is time. What will be left of this country if Washington DC continues to draw on California to fill appointed seats?

AB 5 CRUSHED independent contractors and the unemployment fiasco drove Californians further into poverty during the COVID era. Now these same tactics will be executed at a federal level.
The good news is that elections are coming! We’ve seen the power of grassroots in our community [God bless San Bernardino County Patriots!!!] and we are here to move forward together.
We have no time for naysayers! We watched Connie Leyva get pushed out of Sacramento and lose in her race for a County Supervisor seat. Our victories cannot be overlooked or forgotten.

So let us prepare. We are about 6 months away from filing deadlines for the upcoming election cycle.
We are here to fill your cup and provide insight to what it means to run a campaign. Sheela Stark and Michael McMahon will be sharing everything you want and need to know. Whether you are a potential candidate or supporter of conservatives, this meeting should not be missed.

We are excited to announce that Cara Mia has graciously agreed to host us while Magic Lamp undergoes renovations over the next 3- 4 months.
RSVP now to secure your seat for May 24th!

Election season is coming! Arm yourselves with knowledge. Grab your friends. Tell your neighbors. It is all hands on deck and the Chaffey Community Republican Women are ramping up to keep you informed.

 I look forward to seeing you all there!