Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated

Hello CCRWF Members & Associates,

I pray this letter finds you all well!
February was filled with tumultuous weather, with many of you journeying through light snow flurries, wind, and rain to attend last month's dinner meeting. What a meeting it was! We were blessed with a message of hope for California from Senator Morrell, who we look forward to welcoming back later this year [stay tuned]!
Despite the inconvenience of weather at lower altitudes, many of our fellow RWF sisters in the mountain region remain in a state of emergency while they await food and basic household items. Roads remain inaccessible; however, if you wish to make a donation of food or toiletries to aid our mountain communities, please see the flyer at the end of our newsletter.
As we look ahead to March, let us take a moment to celebrate not only women, but Republican Women! We are the heels on the ground standing for conservative values such as - faith, family, education, and preserving a space for the next generation of girls to follow our lead.
This past election season, we saw the rise of conservative mothers and grandmothers who courageously stood in front of our children and ran for schoolboard.
The 2024 election season will be here before we know it!
We are excited to announce Brad Dacus, Esq., the founder and president of Pacific Justice Institute as our next guest speaker. If you missed his virtual schoolboard candidate training, you don’t want to miss our March 22nd Dinner meeting!
Now, more than ever, we must continue to power forward together.

 Parents and grandparents, I look forward to seeing you all there!