Chaffey Community Republican Women, Federated

Following are bills pending in Sacramento that deserve your speaking out about. 
It is SO important that you make your voices heard!  Make your calls!  Send your emails!  We can no longer remain silent.  

President Orlean Koehle, of Eagle Forum, California gave the following report and stated that her letter opposing AB 101 Ethnic Study Course that was sent into the State Education Committee last week. 

For a very interesting video about the Ethnic Study Course -. This bill will be heard this coming Thursday. We can continue to call in our opposition to the members of the Education committee. Two more pieces of legislation we should oppose- about stopping loss of local control regarding 5G small cells antennas: 

1. AB-537 - would force city and county governments to follow the FCC mandates for "time periods and procedures" with regard to rapid deployment of wireless transmission facilities. It also removes Wireless Technology from municipal control, claiming that instead it is "a matter of statewide concern.” (League of California Cities Opposes this as well) Please register your comments before April 8 at noon. The bill will be heard April 14 in the Committee on Communications and Conveyance. (You can address your comments to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee)

2. SB 556 - would give Telecom uncontrolled access to any street light, traffic signal, utility pole or support structure. It would remove local control on the placement of small cells; It reduces property values; It mandates restrictions on fees local governments can charge for access to their infrastructure. (This was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2017.) This will be heard April 19 by the Senate Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee POSITION LETTER SUBMISSION DEADLINE FOR HEARINGS is Wednesday, April 14 at NOON.